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Libros, CDs, DVDs, y Instrumentos Musicales Infantiles Recomendados.

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Delightful Musical Instruments

I have pounded the heads, shaken the rattles, and tinkled the keys of a great many instruments looking for the best combination of price, sound, and durability, and these are my current choices for home use.

Drums   Guitar

Remo Kids’ Floor Tom

Remo is a top quality maker of a range of instruments from amateur to professional.  You’ll love the feel of this sturdy little drum.

Rhythm Band
Indian Tom-Tom

Children love to beat on drums, and this Rhythm Band Tom Tom is a great bargain.

Rogue Starter
Acoustic Guitar

Children love guitar  and this one is a great choice - small enough for younger children, but good enough quality to actually be used by a beginning student, not just a toy!

Percussion Sets

LP Hand Percussion
Rhythm Set

Nice colorful hand percussion instruments made of painted wood.

Rhythm Pals
4 instruments

These are made of plastic, but they have surprisingly good quality and sound and are appealing to young children and toddlers.

Rhythm Band Adventures with Sound Kit

This percussion instrument collection has sand blocks, maracas, tone block, triangle, rhythm sticks, wrist bells, a colorful glockenspiel (most people think of this as a xylophone) and a sound shape drum in a see-thru backpack.

Jamtown Family
Percussion Set

This lovely world music set can be used for accent decoration in your home as well as for music making! Includes a rough-hewn agogo bell from Ghana, a hand-decorated guiro from Peru, coconut palm rhythm sticks from Indonesia, goat hoof shaker from Bolivia, and rebana frame drum from Indonesia.

Melissa and Doug
Band in a Box

This assortment of nicely constructed instruments includes finger cymbals, tambourine, maracas, triangle and clackers in a wooden crate.

Nino 8-piece
Percussion Assortment

Here’s a nice assortment of percussion instruments including a wood guiro, caxixi, small triangle, 2 fruit shakers, 2 egg shakers, and two wood claves.


Bamboo Rainstick

24 inches, hand painted and hand burned. Nice coffee table accessory too!

Natural Cactus Rainstick

20 inches, lovely instrument made of capado cactus.

Rhythm Band Rainbowmaker

See-through exterior lets you see the colorful beads as they cascade down this rainmaker, helping children understand the mechanics of the sound production.

Rhythm Sticks



Basic Beat Combination
Rhythm Sticks

Rhythm sticks stimulate creativity in the production of sound and in imaginative play too!  Make them walk, jump, or fly in the sky!

Blue Enamel Sandblocks

Children love to experiment with the sound and texture of sandblocks – make them chug like a choo choo train, clap them together, or talk like a puppet!

Basic Beat Shakers

Add a little salsa to your music with these fun and colorful shakers!

Xylophones General Musical Instruments Search  

Rhythm Band 20-Note Glockenspiel

I prefer this glockenspiel because it can be used to learn the position of notes on a piano keyboard, it has accidentals (sharps and flats) and the same black and white colored keys as a piano, and two complete scales so children can see the pattern of the scales repeating. It also has a great tone for the price.


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