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Children's Books 4-8 years
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Andreae, Giles
Commotion in the Ocean
Here’s a rousing rhythmic romp in and around the ocean from Giles Andreae!  Learn a little marine biology while enjoying bold and lively illustrations.
Andreae, Giles
Giraffes Can’t Dance
Each of us faces obstacles in reaching our goals, but this colorful and touching story featuring jungle animals shows how persistence can help us to succeed!
Andreae, Giles
Rumble In The Jungle
Children love the brilliant colors and humorous poems in this book!  Look for the little ants on each page!
Berenstain, Stan & Jan
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much T.V.
Fortunately for parents, children love the Berenstain tales which are filled with good values and life lessons!  Reading this book to your children can help reduce TV demand in your home!
Berenstain, Stan & Jan
The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers
For some good common sense on the subject of strangers, and without causing unnecessary fear, this book is a top choice!
Berenstain, Stan & Jan
The Berenstain Bears and The Truth
In life, honesty and trust go hand in hand.  Here’s a great way to teach your children the value of honesty, and to help you build a trusting relationship.
Cole, Joanna
The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body
The Magic School Bus series is the most rollicking series of educational scientific adventures in print! Ms. Frizzle and students dive into the digestive system through the blood vessels and discover many wonders of the human body in this wild and informative story!
Cole, Joanna
The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds
Join Ms. Frizzle and friends as they journey into a flower to learn about how plants grow!
De Paola, Tomie
Strega Nona
When Big Anthony uses a magic pasta pot without permission, watch out for hilarious consequences!  A true classic, this original fable begins an entire series of magical Strega Nona tales.
Dorros, Arthur
These 3 Arthur Dorros books relate delightful fantasies as they seamlessly weave Spanish words into English context.  In this story, a girl flies over the city with her grandma, her abuela, asking questions and learning about the city and Hispanic culture.
Dorros, Arthur
In this adventure, grandma takes the young girl to the island where she was raised and teaches her about her Latin traditions.
Dorros, Arthur
When The Pigs Took Over
Children will love this comical story of the greedy brother who always wanted “Mas!”  Everyone can read the Spanish phrases easily because a glossary / pronunciation key is included!
Hayes, Ann
Meet The Orchestra
Here’s the ultimate beginner’s guide to the orchestra! With fanciful but accurate illustrations and text, the text covers every instrument and instrument family, and the unique sound each contributes to the orchestra as a whole.
Johnson, Crockett
Harold and the
Purple Crayon

Harold has charmed children and adults for over fifty years with the simple notion that a child can create whatever he needs to have with a purple crayon and a healthy imagination!

Kuskin, Karla
The Philharmonic Gets Dressed
Young musicians love this exciting portrayal of 105 musicians preparing for their evening’s orchestral performance. 
Kalman, Maira
Max Makes A Million
One of the best things about having children is having an excuse to read Maira Kalman’s clever and artsy stories!  Enjoy the sights and sounds of New York while Max, the dog who is a bohemian poet, tries to make a million dollars for a dream trip to Paris! 
Kalman, Maira
Ooh-La-La (Max in Love)
If you are yearning to visit Gay Paris, but can’t break away right now, this book will transport you (and Max the poet dog) there with visual and linguistic humor and imagination! 
Kellogg, Steven
Is Your Mama a Llama?
At last count, Steven Kellogg had illustrated more than 100 children’s stories, 30 of which were authored by him too, earning a great many awards!
Kellogg, Steven
Island of Skog

A valuable lesson is learned by the mice who land on the Island of Skog – sometimes we fear something just because it’s different, and then find out there is nothing to fear at all.
Kellogg, Steven
Paul Bunyan
Kellogg’s series of retellings of tall tales like Paul Bunyan is considered the best of the genre.
Mickelthwait, Lucy
I Spy
An Alphabet in Art
Gaze upon glorious works of art painted by world-famous artists while your child learns to identify the shape and sound of letters of the alphabet!  Inspiring and educational for all!
Mickelthwait, Lucy
I Spy Shapes in Art

You and your child can practice visual acuity skills looking for hidden objects and become familiar with great works of art at the same time!
Mickelthwait, Lucy
I Spy Two Eyes

Explore the world of numbers with your child while enjoying exquisite works of art by Seurat, Chagall, Matisse, Botticelli, and other great masters!

Reynolds, Peter
The Dot

In this lovely story, a young girl follows her teacher’s advice to “Just make a mark, and see where it takes you,” and embarks on a great journey of self-discovery.

Reynolds, Peter

This book was written to help children see the value in their own artistic creations, even if they may different from the ideal image the child had set out to create.
Sendak, Maurice
The Nutshell Library

This set includes four classics:  Alligators All Around (alphabetic alliterations in rhyme), Chicken Soup with Rice (poems describing the months of the year) One Was Johnny (a clever counting story) and Pierre (about a contrary young lad.)  Children love these tiny books, and adults love  the writing and artistry.  Carol King puts these great stories to song on her Really Rosie cd shown on our cd compilations page.
Dr. Seuss (aka Theodor Geisel)
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Dr. Seuss has helped millions of youngsters learn to read by tickling their funnybone with silly stories like this!
Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat
Here’s another favorite book for beginning readers from the beloved Dr. Seuss!
Dr. Seuss
The Lorax
This important story has a powerful message about protecting our planet “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.“  My own daughter was so inspired by this story in elementary school, she found someone to donate trees to her school! 
Steig, William The Amazing Bone
William Steig, an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator and famed cartoonist of The New Yorker magazine.  He is known for elevating his colorful tales with sophisticated vocabulary.
Steig, William
Brave Irene
Here’s a great story about a young girl who ventures out in a storm on behalf of her mother who is ill.  Through Irene’s adventure, children to learn the value of persistence, courage,  and helping others, even their parents!
Steig, William
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
In this timeless story, Sylvester learns the valuable lesson, “Be careful what you wish for because your wish may come true!”
Vagin, Vladimir
Peter and the Wolf
Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is perhaps the most classic musical introduction to the orchestra ever written.  My favorite recording is the one narrated by Leonard Bernstein, shown on the classical cd page, and this is my favorite book. This masterful retelling has intriguing and thought provoking illustrations, clear text and, best of all, has a very happy ending.
Viorst, Judith
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Judith Viorst captures a child’s fears and frustrations in most amusing way and makes it seem alright.  The Alexander book is now part of a series, and the original has been made into a musical!
Viorst, Judith

In an effort to get her mother to agree to piercing her ears, a young girl unleashes a series of hilarious protestations.  The story provides a great opportunity for dialogue between parent and child about deferring gratification, and appropriate ways to make requests.
Viorst, Judith
The Goodbye Book

A young boy tries every emotional ploy he can imagine to prevent his parents from going out for the evening.  Once the parents have left, he finds contentment with the babysitter.

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