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Barton, Byron
Little Red Hen
Byron Barton’s Little Red Hen, filled with his trademark crisp and bold illustrations, is my favorite version of this classic story about helping.
Barton, Byron
Trucks is the gateway for many toddlers to the world of transportation, often followed by his books about Boats, Planes, and Trains!
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Madeline, Bemelmans’ precious tale of a young Parisian schoolgirl with an irrepressible spirit, has been a bestseller since it was first published in 1939!
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Mad About Madeline
Mad About Madeline, is a special volume containing all 6 books in the Madeline series!
Brown, Margaret Wise
Goodnight Moon
There are at least two books which should come standard with your baby at birth, and Margaret Wise Brown wrote them both. Goodnight Moon is a classic bedtime story….
Brown, Margaret Wise
Runaway Bunny
…. and Runaway Bunny is its delightful companion book, a story about a mother bunny’s instinct to follow her baby and watch over him wherever he goes.
Brown, Margaret Wise
Big Red Barn

In Big Red Barn, soothing verse and retro artwork portray daily life on a farm in a most charming manner.
Boynton, Sandra
Boynton’s Greatest Hits – Vol. 1
Here’s an economical set of 4 of Boyton’s whimsical board books: Moo, Baa, La, La, La, A to Z, Doggies, and Blue Hat, Green Hat!
Boynton, Sandra
Boynton’s Greatest Hits – Vol. 2
This second boxed set has 4 more hysterical Boynton board books: But Not the Hippopotamus, The Going to Bed Book, Horns and Toes, and Opposites!
Carle, Eric
Brown Bear
Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear teaches colors and animals with such appeal, it now has two sequels – Polar Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear, Panda Bear!
Carle, Eric
From Head to Toe
With Eric Carle’s brightly colored illustrations of tissue collage, From Head To Toe beckons children to move their bodies like different animals.
Carlson, Nancy
I Like Me!
I Like Me is a very happy book about a pig brimming with self-esteem! It offers a great model for taking good care of one’s mind and body too!
Cole, Joanna
I’m A Big Brother
I’m a Big Brother helps young boys understand what babies need and like, and how an older sibling continues to be valued after a baby arrives!
Cole, Joanna
I’m A Big Sister
I’m A Big Sister teaches young girls about baby siblings, and helps them understand they will still be special even after the family grows!
Hindley, Judy
Does a Cow Say Boo?
Toddlers find this book hysterical. Which animal says “boo?” The ending is a surprise!
Hutchins, Pat
And the Wind Blew
Children are enthralled with this tantalizing story, watching the wind blow away the things that people are using!
Johnson, Crockett
The Carrot Seed
The Carrot Seed is a great story about gardening and how capable children can be! A young child grows a carrot, even when older people doubt him.
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Pat the Bunny
Who doesn’t fondly remember their first experience with Pat the Bunny?! This book has lots of things to touch and do for tiny fingers!
Kunhardt Davis, Edith
Pat the Cat

Dorothy Kunhardt’s daughter Edith created this fun sequel to Pat the Bunny!
Lewis, Kevin
Chugga Chugga
Choo Choo!
In Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, a child’s toys come to life and help load the train which travels through the child’s bedroom, with rhyming text and bold, lively imagery.
Marzollo, Jean
I Am A Caterpillar

For a little biology lesson, read I Am a Caterpillar and learn about the life cycle of these funny little creatures!
Merberg, Julie
Dancing With Degas
The Merberg board books are so special they are showcased in museum gift shops! In this little board book, a rhyming text tells a dancer’s story through the work of Degas!
Merberg, Julie
In The Garden With Van Gogh
Here’s another favorite Merberg board book! The Van Gogh book has a sweet lyrical text accompanied by scenes of flowers and gardening.
Merberg, Julie
Sharing With Renoir
In Sharing With Renoir, you’ll find famous scenes of children reading, holding hands and playing that you can share with your child!
Morris, Ann

In Families, renowned photographer Ann Morris captures daily life in different cultures, noting varying types of family units – foster, adoptive, single parent, and other family structures!
Morris, Ann
Houses and Homes

Here’s Ann Morris’s photographic tribute to the many different kinds of shelter in which people live – from igloos to houseboats. Her books are a great way to study life around the world!
Potter, Beatrix
The Original Peter Rabbit Books, 1 – 23
Presentation Box
The 100th anniversary boxed set is a collector’s item! This is a gift that a toddler will treasure every night for months, and then save for the child he or she hopes to have!
Rathmann, Peggy
Goodnight Gorilla
Children can read this story themselves just by looking at the pictures! This comical wordless story about a gorilla who follows the zookeeper home is fun for all ages!
Van Fleet, Matthew
Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings
Babies and toddlers love all the flap-flipping, fur-feeling, fun and the colorful animals and shapes in this best-seller!
Van Fleet, Matthew
Monday the Bullfrog
Van Fleet’s latest touch and learn creation teaches colors, animals and days of the week with a combination board book and puppet!
Wood, Audrey
I’m As Quick
As A Cricket
In all three Wood/Wood books here, Don Wood’s illustrations are a visual splendor, aptly complemented by Audrey Wood’s lilting, humorous language!
Wood, Audrey

Piggies is a very silly, imaginative story about some eccentric little piggies connected with the fingers on one’s hands!
Wood, Audrey
The Napping House

Another visual feast by Don Wood, this is an enchanting cumulative tale about all the creatures in a house who start to snooze, one on top of the other, on a very sleepy afternoon!
Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?
Gorgeous detailed illustrations of dinosaurs are a bonus in this adorable series that amuses adults and children as it teaches good behavior!
Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Enjoy reading this fun story with stunning illustrations while you inspire your child to cooperate at mealtime! What a great deal!
Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?
These dinosaurs may help your little childosaurus cope with visiting the doctor and following doctor’s orders during an future illness! It certainly will be fun to try!

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