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Libros, CDs, DVDs, y Instrumentos Musicales Infantiles Recomendados.

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Recommended DVD’s and VHS

Animated Musicals, and Movie Musicals, and Sign Language Recordings

Animated Musicals

Beauty and the Beast was the only animated movie ever to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. The other two movie musicals written by the same team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, were of almost equal quality, and there hasn’t been anything like them since. The dvd and video of these films are currently out of print. The Little Mermaid is due for re-release on DVD in October of 2006.

Aladdin – DVD

Aladdin – VHS

Beauty and the Beast – DVD

Beauty and the Beast - VHS

The Little Mermaid – DVD

The Little Mermaid – VHS

Movie Musicals

Sound of Music - DVD

The Wizard of Oz - DVD

Sign Language Videos

Signing Time has created a series of videos to teach young children American Sign Language (ASL). Each video teaches about 20-30 different signs, beginning with signs that represent a child’s typical first words. These video’s are nicely put together, combining real people and animation in a fun fantasy world. Parents with children age 12 months and up love this series!

I recommend you use this series or another that teaches ASL, but avoid ones that teach “Baby Sign Language.” Baby Sign Language is not ASL, and there is little practical use for it.

Signing Time DVD – Vol. 1

Signing Time VHS – Vol. 1

Signing Time DVD – Vol. 2

Signing Time VHS – Vol. 2

Signing Time DVD – Vol. 3

Signing Time VHS – Vol. 3


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